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LensFlare APP for iOS

I am one of these iPhone users, that love to play around with new apps especially if they are made for photography. One of my all-time favorites is Tadaa – a very powerful app just by the way.

Some days ago I received a notification that an app named LensFlare is available for free and I immediatly downloaded it for testing. And well, what should I say, this app does a great job.

It offers

  • Adding complex Lensflares to an image on multiple layers
  • Adding reflections like stars and lines on multiple layers
  • Adding sprinkles
  • Basic modification like gradients and vignetting
  • Modification of the coloring of each layer

Since it is quite hard to imagine, what this means I made a set of pictures, just to give you a feeling.

Un-edited picture


Firmwareupdate Metz AF44-1 – Remote Flash NX30

Metz bringt für ihren Meca Blitz AF44-1 ein Firmwareupdate, welches den Blitz um die Remote-Funktion im Zusammenspiel mit der NX30 frei schaltet.

Dies macht den ohnehin schon interessanten und günstigen Blitz für das Samsung NX System gerade im Zusammenspiel mit der NX30 nochmal interessanter. Ich werde das original Review um die Funktion erweitern, sobald ich mit der neuen Firmware testen konnte.