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Geboren im Raum München bin ich über Kindergarten und Gymnasium an die Siemens Technik Akademie geraten. Nach einigen Jahre Siemens IT Professional Service im Ausland bin ich dann zu meinem jetzigen Arbeitgeber bekommen und helfe die Sicherheit ihrer unveränderlich gespeicherten Dokumente zu gewährleisten.

Is it the end of Samsung NX?

According to referencing different sources, Samsung is about to shutdown its mirrorless camera segment.


At this point, I’d like to remind on the words I wrote in my NX1 review:

The NX1 did something to the market: People start recognizing Samsung as a serious cameras manufacturer. Although this should have happened with NX20 and NX30, the NX1 offers so many new innovations that everbody is at least having a look at it. But if you are new to this, not willing to spend that amount of money, just go for the NX30 and decide about which lens to use.

Well, as it seems it was not fast enough for Samsung.
They where the first to start with mirrorless cameras, reached a level of manufacturing the best APS-C sensor on the market, some really outstanding premium lenses, lots of outstanding fixed focal length lenses and now decide to drop everything and leave people alone that decided to use their equipment? Shame on you. But well, possibly they sell everything and we will find the NX Bajonett on a different vendors camera soon? Think positive….



One day in London

I have never been to London but last Sunday I finally had the Chance to visit London for one day. Before boarding the plane, I fetched a small travelguide provided by the ADAC and tried to get an overview of the city and marked interesting sights sorted by indoor and outdoor. Everyone knows, that the weather in London can be quite unpredictable and I wanted to always have an alternative as soon as the rain starts. Quite fast I realized, that London is far bigger then expected and that the network of underground trains and buses is frightening big though you can easily reach nearly every location, as long as you enter the correct vehicle.

Arrived at the Airport, I headed into the city using the Heathrow Express which is definitely the fastet but also a quite expensive way of 21 Pounds. As I arrived in the city, I went to the next underground station in order to get an overview of how you can travel and what the prices are. I was really surprised about how easy the underground network finally was and even the price is fair, if you by a ticket for one day and use it. I never took the wrong train and it always took me a few seconds only to find out which train it actually was to jump on.

From then on I started ‘flowing’ through the city, visiting sights, watching people and admiring the old buildings. When it rained, it rained. When it did not, it did not. Nobody cares in London.
The same thing applies on the prices you have to pay for things. As a visitor of other countries and cities it is really a shock, if you have to pay 20 GBP in order to enter a church. Well, as I already said, nobody cares and so should you, if you want to visit London for one day.

In the End it did not take long, until Londons magic got me, and I finished the day with a warm and happy feeling and with an empty purse on the top deck of a typical london bus.


Time passes by

Time passes by


Capturing a moment is what helps you never forget the time.

For this motto I created the picture above showing how photograpy can capture a moment. The picture was taken as is and only Lightroom was used for editing the picture. The clock you can see in the lens and in the viewfinder was an IPad displaying a watch directly in front of the nostalgic camera. The reflection was captured by using long time exposure and the body was enlightend by the use of one flash and a tube around it for  creating the spotlight.


LensFlare APP for iOS

I am one of these iPhone users, that love to play around with new apps especially if they are made for photography. One of my all-time favorites is Tadaa – a very powerful app just by the way.

Some days ago I received a notification that an app named LensFlare is available for free and I immediatly downloaded it for testing. And well, what should I say, this app does a great job.

It offers

  • Adding complex Lensflares to an image on multiple layers
  • Adding reflections like stars and lines on multiple layers
  • Adding sprinkles
  • Basic modification like gradients and vignetting
  • Modification of the coloring of each layer

Since it is quite hard to imagine, what this means I made a set of pictures, just to give you a feeling.

Un-edited picture