NX1 vs. NX30 or prime lens vs. kit lens

Sizes NX30 NX1

Thanks to systemkamera-forum.de I had the chance of testing a NX1 in combination with the new 16-50 mm F/2.0 – 2.8 lens as a counterpart to my NX30 with various KIT lenses. I wrote quite a long report in German language, but I’d like to conclude my impressions as a short summary.

Pro NX1 with prime lens

  • Way faster in continous shooting
  • Acts more mature / serious to the audience due to bigger body / lens
  • Some more direct access buttons makes switching modes faster
  • New, great sensor
  • Faster focus in daylight
  • More accurate focus in bad light conditions
  • Less noise in bad light situation ( nearly 2 stops )
  • Nice bouquet due to the good lens
  • Way better video performance featuring 4K Videos
  • Way better video focussing
  • More options via remote app, if your phone supports it

Pro NX30 with KIT Lens

  • Definitely less weight
  • Definitely less size especially with 16-50mm powerzoom lens
  • Display foldable in any direction which helps a lot sometimes
  • Software for updating firmware is more stable ( didn’t get it running for NX1 on my MAC )
  • Firmware is stable
  • Muuuuuuch cheaper
  • No 4K Videos in H.265 means no extra conversion. They can be used out of CAM.
  • Electric View finder is foldable as well

Keep in mind…

Focus light NX1
Focus light NX1
Focus light NX30
Focus light NX30

Many of the advantages with the NX1 do not come with the body, but with the lens. The faster focus in normal light situation is 90 % due to the lens in my opinion. Only in bad light situations, the NX1 did definitely a better job which comes from the better focussing support light and perhaps some changes in the firmware.


ISO 25600
ISO 25600
ISO 6400
ISO 6400

As I said, this will only be a short summary. So, what is my personal verdict, what camera would I suggest? Is it worth it to pay about 1000€ plus in the body or 800€ plus on the lens to go for the NX1?
Well, the answer is quite simple: It depends. For me, the NX30 is great. Yes, sometimes the noise and the focussing in bad light is annoying, but it does not happen often enough to pay such an amount of money. I would better got for the Prime Lens in combination with my NX30.

Who would I suggest, should buy the NX1? Well, everyone who identifies himself with the following points:

  • Size and money does not matter for me
  • I need something that looks more mature to give trust to my audience
  • Videos are one of the most important things I want to do with it
  • Focussing in bad light conditions is annoying and the money is worth it
  • I crop my pictures to the maximum amount and need resolution
ISO 6400
ISO 6400

What is so special about NX1?

The NX1 did something to the market: People start recognizing Samsung as a serious cameras manufacturer. Although this should have happened with NX20 and NX30, the NX1 offers so many new innovations that everbody is at least having a look at it. But if you are new to this, not willing to spend that amount of money, just go for the NX30 and decide about which lens to use.

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